Tonight at 7:30pm sharp, we’re surprising the bar patrons at the Artful Dodger in Philadelphia and bringing them a little science with their Monday Night Football! It’s the big Eagles-Redskins game!
I’ll be joined by Science Cheerleaders Allison (recent captain of the Eagles Cheerleaders who holds degrees in biology and chemistry) and Erin (recent St. Louis Rams cheerleader working on her PhD) and, ready? Professor Rhonda Hughes from Bryn Mawr College who played a big role in this Science of NFL Football segment about vectors!



We’re going to take over the bar for 15 minutes of science, football, procheerleaders and a hell of a lot of fun.
We’ll roll the video, talk about vectors, and encourage folks to check out the other nine Science of NFL Football segments, presented by the National Science Foundation and produced by NBC Sports and NBC Learn in partnership with the National Football League…all while challenging stereotypes and getting people jazzed about science!
This event is a preamble to the Philadelphia Science Festival.
The–now famous–Science Cheerleaders, will¬† be making a series of surprise pub visits. Want us to come to your favorite pub to sprinkle a little science? Let us know!

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