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Science Cheerleaders is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of more than 300 current and former NFL, NBA and college cheerleaders pursuing STEM careers.

The Science Cheerleaders:

  • playfully challenge stereotypes about scientists, engineers and cheerleaders
  • engage people from all walks of life in science by encouraging participation in citizen science activities,
  • and inspire young women (including 3-4 million U.S. cheerleaders) to consider careers in STEM.

We do this by recasting the image of scientists and engineers while giving people the opportunity to explore their personal interests as a gateway to science. We communicate in ways that inspire people using our very real, very personal stories.

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Our National and Regional Coordinators are the backbone of our organization.

Darlene Cavalier, Founder

Darlene Cavalier founded the Science Cheerleaders to unite the citizen’s desire to be heard and valued, the scientist’s growing interest in the public’s involvement, and government’s need to garner public support. The Science Cheerleaders serve to get the conversation going, playfully challenge stereotypes, and encourage the youth to pursue science and technology education.

Darlene is a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University’s Center for Engagement and Training, part of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Cavalier is also the founder of SciStarter and co-founder of ECAST: Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology. She is a founding Board Member of the Citizen Science Association, a senior advisor at Discover Magazine, and a member of the EPA’s National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology. Cavalier has authored two books: The Science of Cheerleading and The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science. She resides in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and their four children.

Read more about Darlene’s path to creating the Science Cheerleaders in her interview here!


Hilary – Director of Recruitment

Samantha – Director of Operations

Wendy – Director of Outreach

Operations Team


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