Summer, Houston Texans, NASA engineer

Hi! I’m Summer and I’m an engineer at NASA and a former Houston Texans cheerleader. Earlier, in my SciCheer interview, I talked about how my aerospace engineering courses helped increase my critical thinking skills. Well, this next Science of NFL Football segment aligns with that nicely.
In this segment, “Vectors,” NFL players Joey Harrington and Antonio Freemon demonstrate how velocity vectors play a role in calculating the perfect “threading a needle” play, or, completion (when a quarterback nails a perfect pass to a receiver). Wait until you see how vectors and critical thinking skills come together in the mind of a quarterback! I’m thrilled to introduce the third Science of NFL Football segment, produced in partnership with the NFL, NBC, and the National Science Foundation. Bring on VECTORS!
If you’re an educator, be sure to visit NBC Learn to download free supplemental educators’ guides. Goooo science! And Goooo National Science Foundation for making this possible. Previous Science of NFL Football segments can be found here.

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