Discover Magazine just posted videos from a panel discussion titled “Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain,” which I helped put together in November at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. (I’m a senior advisor at Discover.) The National Science Foundation and Discover partnered to present a series of six public discussions to investigate the challenges and opportunities of topics such as the Brain, the Cosmos (at Caltech last month), and Climate Change (just wrapped that up at the Exploratorium in San Francisco). Each discussion will be featured in the magazine and highlights will be presented online. Check out this first video and read more about the full discussion here. An intriguing, creepy moral question is posed in the video. 
See what the panelists of our first discussion have to say about the future of our brains– Rebecca Saxe, Dan Levitin, Mike Gazziniga, and Sam Wang. The feature article is in the March issue of Discover.

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