Science Cheerleader Theresa is excited to teach young visitors about citizen science at the Cambridge Science Festival!

On April 14th, Science Cheerleaders Beverly, Kelly, and Theresa attended the Cambridge Science Festival celebrating science with thousands of visitors as part of the science carnival. Teamed up with SciStarter, they engaged with kids and their families about citizen science projects such as the ZomBee Watch, a national effort to track the spread of the honeybee parasite, Apocephalus borealis, otherwise known as the Zombie Fly. Another project, Meet Your Mites, involved swabbing faces to use DNA sequencing to identify the tiny Demodex mites that inhabit your skin. Promoting citizen science is a great way to share an enthusiasm for science and demonstrate how universal science discovery can be. Whether it’s in your backyard or under your nose, science is all around us waiting to be explored!

Science Cheerleaders and SciStarter team members join forces to teach Cambridge Science Festival attendees about mites, zombie bees, and other hands-on citizen science projects.

The Cambridge Science Festival brought families, students, educators, and enthusiasts together in a community-centered celebration of science. From fun science activities to demonstrations, the Science Cheerleaders had a great time cheering for science and encouraging everyone to don their own lab coat and get excited about STEM.

Stay tuned for more Science Cheerleader events in the Boston area!


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