Howdy, science and engineering fans! Meet Beverly, a biomedical engineering major at Drexel University. You can can meet Beverly and her sister Angela at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, April 26-27.

Hi, Beverly! What turned you on to engineering and when?
Growing up with math all around me, including solving basic arithmetic problems during leisure time, I have always enjoyed learning and solving math. On the other hand, I also carried with me an interest in life science. But it was not until freshmen year of high school that my interest in biology was really activated. My biology teachers were amazing, inspiring, and motivating.

What degree are your pursuing and where?
Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University. Later, I hope to continue onto medical school, studying ophthalmology or neurology.
Favorite and/or most challenging courses you’ve taken so to prepare for your degree? Why?
My favorite course so far would be Engineering 231 (Linear Algebra), usually a sophomore class. I had the honor of passing the AP Calculus, received credit, and landed in this class. Firstly, I like to make fun of its common name, “Linear Algebra.” This rather simple sounding subject begins to show its true colors when the weekly quizzes, midterm, and final come around. I thoroughly enjoyed this class because of its challenge and also that the quizzes test exactly what is taught in lecture and applied the concepts.
Best part of your studies?
I actually love doing the homework. Part of me wishes that there would be more homework assigned, since much of the knowledge I learned in high school was absorbed during homework. Now that grading emphasis is on tests and much less on homework, much more independent study must be done.
What teams have you cheered for, how long you’ve cheered for them, and why did you try out?
Before 2009, I was training for Olympic gymnastics, but due to an injury, my Olympic dreams were ruined. However, I was not all lost, because I also enjoyed dance. That is how I came into the dance world. In senior year I asked about and was immediately placed on the Senior Jazz and Pom teams at South Coast Freestyle Dance. I was able to contribute my skills and techniques from gymnastics. I really wanted to continue dancing in college in addition to my studies, so I emailed about the University’s dance team. I decided that Drexel University had the perfect balance of academics as a biomed major and dance team. Of course, there is nothing better than being a part of a team and being super spirited for the Spirit Team!
Which came first, your interest in engineering or cheerleading/dance team?
I believe these came together, as I grew up learning everything I possibly could – thanks to my parents! I had an interest in many things, from music with piano and violin to fun activities like dance and gymnastics. However, as the level of each task raised, so did the time commitments. By high school, I had given up everything except academics (plus a ton of clubs) and dance, so that’s what I have today.
Best cheerleading/Dance Team experience?
Definitely going to Dance Worlds 2013. The team traveling experience from Southern California all the way to Florida is priceless. Considering it was a very stressful experience as a whole – last minute major changes to the routines, a little jet lag, and AP tests the very next week, I enjoyed and learned much from the experience.
Best engineering-related experience?
Science Olympiad! The high school academic adviser was amazing, the team was caring, and we all learned so much from the material studied together and the teamwork it took. Placing 6th at the regional competition and making it to State 2011 for the first time in the high school’s history was amazing. They are still going strong today.

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