Kids: Celebrate the joy of science!
Amanda, Columbia medical student; fmr St. Louis Rams cheerleader: Stop the stereotypes, join our alliance!
Allison, bio/chem degrees, fmr Eagles cheerleader; and Erin, PhD candidate,fmr St. Louis Rams cheerleader: Tomorrow, we’ll don our suits and lab coats,
Alyson, bio/chem degrees, and Melissa, neuro researcher both from the field of a TN Titans game! While we work and take good lab notes!
Kids: Chem and bio, math and physics,
Lady Raiders who are also scientists and engineers: Don’t you want to cheer on with us?
Kimberly, software engineer, Iowa Energy cheerleader: Try science, engineering, or math;
Kids holding up signs reading Art, Sports, Music, Dance, Mascot: Or any of these, there’s more than one path!
Nobel Laureate Dr. Baruch Blumberg: Changing minds can take persuasion.
Darlene Cavalier, Dr. Blumberg, and Dr. Thomas Tritton (President of the Chemical Heritage Foundation: It’s time for YOU to change the equation!
Special appearances by Dr. John Ohab and Artful Dodger bartenders.
Thanks to Bart Leahy, John Collier and Mike Lucek.

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