Here’s a guest blog post from Science Cheerleader, Erin!

Last Friday evening, I headed to the premier of “Losing Control” at the Ritz Bourse and was greeted by an enthusiastic, bubbly woman encouraging Philadelphians to attend the premier of her movie. Writer/Director Valerie Weiss, Ph.D., completed her doctorate in Biochemistry at Harvard Medical School, all while maintaining many other passions. A Philadelphian herself, she grew up in the dance and theater world, carrying with her a desire to eventually write and direct movies. The film is loosely based on her experience of being a female in the world of science and represents her ambition to provide a more accurate portrayal of female scientists who have rich lives, both inside and outside of the lab.
We quickly recognized after speaking briefly about the history of Science Cheerleaders, that we share the same mission of promoting both women in science and an accurate portrayal of their experiences. It was a privilege to discuss my experiences and passion for science during the FAQ at the end of the movie, alongside Valerie, who is also a mother of two.
Valerie’s “Losing Control” is a smart, romantic comedy with witty, relatable characters. The film speaks to the motivation and ambition of a young woman who had always held herself and her career to high standards. It carries an important message that no matter how hard we attempt to plan life or “test” out its various components/variables, life happens, and good things come to those who genuinely invest themselves in their passions.

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