Randy Olson’s forthcoming book on communicating science, “Don’t be SUCH a scientist,” will surely irk some (particularly scientists who frankly don’t see the importance of communicating with the public despite the fact the public pays for most of their research). However, I predict most readers and reviewers will find it informative, refreshing and certainly entertaining.  Randy draws upon a plethora of personal and professional experiences only he can bring to the table: Harvard-educated marine biologist who gave up a comfortable tenured position to start a career in Hollywood. Along the way, he picked up valuable lessons on how best to engage an audience and he generously shares those lessons in this book.  It’s framed by science but it should be required reading for law school students, elected officials, education majors and others who need to connect with an audience.  The message (don’t be afraid to be a good story teller) is universal and transcends science. 
I should mention that he and I are friends. He reached out to me after seeing this video and later (fortunately for me) was my key advisor on this one.  I snapped this picture of Randy when we were in NYC last week. It shows him holding the very first signed copy of his book which went to yours truly. (GOOOOO Randy!) Preorders of the book are available here. 

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