When you have a few minutes, check this out. I hope you enjoy it! (If this doesn’t play on your computer, try this link.)

(Many thanks to the talented folks at Gyro Worldwide, Inc. and Backseat Conceptions.)
Here’s how you can take action–it’s SO simple and important. Spread the word if the spirit moves you!
And, how would YOU reply to these questions? Leave a response, below, for thousands to read and react to. Let’s get these parties started!

ScienceDebate2008’s 14 Questions for the Presidential Candidates: (tell the candidates you want them to address these issues via a debate and written replies to these questions)
Seven Questions for the Congressional Candidates: (plug in your zip code to pester your local candidates to answer the questions…and see how some have already answered)

Find your candidates,
ask where they stand.

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