Recently, Science Cheerleaders Directors, Wendy and Samantha, met with Allison Miller, a meteorologist with a passion for dance at CBS Austin. They talked about all things dance, cheer, and science, and previewed the SciCheer participation at the upcoming UT Austin STEM Girl Day!

“In a unique fusion of spirit and science, the Science Cheerleaders¬†are making waves by combining pom-poms and particle physics to inspire the next generation of scientists. Wendy Brown, Director of Outreach for Science Cheerleaders, emphasizes, ‘A lot of us are really personal stories of reconciling our love of dancing and cheerleading with our love of science, facing stereotypes, social pressures, family pressures, and all of us are here to show how successful you can be in both and how well they work together.'”

Read the rest of the article here!


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