Over the past few years, we’ve met superstar scientists and engineers, champion track stars, Pro Bowl Cheerleaders, celebrieties and more. Apparently our very own Dr. John is a different kind of champion — a world record holder at Super Mario Kart!
In January, John was invited to the gaming and music conference known as MagFest, so attendees could challenge him to a video game duel. As an added bonus, the conference staff agreed to give a free t-shirt to anyone who could beat him. In over four hours, he went an amazing 75-2!
None of that is depicted in the above video. However, you will get to see John (wearing his good luck Science Cheerleader t-shirt!) attempt and fail to beat his current Twin Galaxies world record on Mario Circuit 1.
After the event, John said, “It was a strange experience. Upon losing/winning, I felt the same smorgasbord of emotions that Bobby Fischer must have experienced after playing himself in chess. Yes, I am comparing the two.”
A Magfest attendee selects the character that he will use while being annihilated by John.

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