Winner: Bart Leahy. Congratulations! Your Science Cheerleader T-Shirt is on its way. Bart was the first to respond to this post in which readers were challenged to read science fiction books and report back on what “real science” was learned. See here for Bart’s reply.
Loser: ME. I’m off to a theme park today–hooray!–where I will sneak away for one hour to participate in a conference call with scientists. Ok, the real reason I’m a loser is because I’m SO excited to be part of this call. Leaders in the world of science will talk about the findings of their poll showing voters (us) support candidates who are committed to advancing science and technology on a range of top-tier election issues. But I ask you: is that true? Does a candidate’s commitment to advancing science and technology factor in to your voting decisions? Let me know. Give me something to work with. 
The poll is part of a recently launched campaign by Scientists and Engineers for America and a coalition of America’s major scientific societies that highlights the importance of science in the elections this fall. The coalition has issued a series of science-based questions to candidates running for office.
We chatted up one of the questions already here. I thought the subject of science education would be a big yawn but you proved me wrong. Your responses were awesome and they caught the eyes of some fat cats. Way to go! Spread the word and keep your comments coming because these folks REALLY want to hear from you. Look at it this way, there’s always a lobbyist or special interest fanatic chomping at the bit to speak on your behalf to Congress. They can and will do this if you don’t speak for yourself. Muzzle ’em.
Soon, we’ll look at another question being posed to candidates. Wonder how your thoughts measure up to the candidates? Check out the questions and their replies here:
More importantly, they should check out your replies on this blog!

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