The Crunchy Chicken blogger writes:

I wanted to write a post about the Hot Men of Climatology, but when I went a huntin’ for hotties, pretty much what I found were older men sporting a lot of hair or none at all. And, the only hot thing going on was more related to warming temperatures than chiseled abs. But, I’ve found the up and coming (well, under 50ish) “hot” men of climatology for your review. Let me know if I missed any 🙂

Cocktail Party Physics blogger adds:

One of the candidates is Michael Mann, a climatologist at Penn State whom many of you might know from the RealClimate blog, which he writes with Gavin Schmidt. Michael is behind in the polls. In fact, he might even lose to Gavin, which really sticks in his craw. So I made him an offer: I would write a post asking people to vote for him on the condition that, should he win, he agrees to pose in a thong, preferably of the Borat variety — although an S&M posing pouch would do just as nicely. 🙂 He agreed (although I suspect now he hopes he loses)!
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