The Science Cheerleaders!

This appeared in the launch issue of Philly’s JUMP magazine back in, gulp, April. Sorry, just getting around to publishing this.  The Burroughs Wellcome fund paid for this ad to help promote science in non-traditional media outlets. In this case,  a hip, music magazine. How cool is that?
This particular ad previewed an appearance by the Science Cheerleaders and promoted upcoming citizen science activities at the rockin’ Philadelphia Science Festival.
What’s JUMP magazine all about? Glad you asked!
From JUMP’s website:

We love Philly, pure and simple. And we love music. We’re tired of watching our local talent run off to New York or London to be appreciated.
We’re here to blow up the music scene and shed light on all the amazing things that are happening here.
In our quarterly print magazine, we cover Philly bands, venues, studios, history, bouncers, stylists, producers, clubs, boutiques, restaurants, deejays, music shops, record stores, labels, promoters, artists and anything else that has a connection to music in the city.
We document all genres, from hip-hop and indie rock to classical, folk, jam bands, reggae, electronic, jazz and hardcore. We report on everything from street performers to the Philadelphia Orchestra.
We are musicians, journalists, students, photographers, artists and Philadelphians.

And…you’ve all been SCIENCED!

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