Hey all – Scientific American launched its much-anticipated blog network this month, and it’s a diverse and interesting group of scientists and science writers.  I thought I’d share a couple of links from the new network, but you should check them all out.  Of course, the science blogosphere is huge, and there are plenty of great writers and stories to choose from, so I’m also including a couple of links from other networks.  I recommend:
A discussion with a different kind of maestro.  Joanne Manaster (a friend of Science Cheerleader), at her new blog PsiVid, introduces us to John Boswell, the creator of Symphony of Science.  Autotune + YouTube + Science = a lot more than “Bed Intruder Song.”
Shifting Stigmas: The Act of Crying in Public. Krystal D’Acosta shares a personal experience and examines the research behind this sad phenomenon at another at Anthology in Practice, a blog that has also just joined SciAm.
The amazing story of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Veronique Greenwood at Discover’s 80beats blog tells us that scientists may have recreated the world’s first phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison.
What’s next for NASA.  Darlene wrote about the Space Shuttle, and Alexander Fry at The Astronomist shares news about the next Mars Rover, scheduled for August 2012. I’m rather excited about this, and I’m still holding out hope that humans will visit Mars in my lifetime…

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