So there was some cool bat-related knowledge in the science blogosphere this week.  It’s fun to share, so…
The Vine With Its Own Bat Signal.  Sarah Zielinsky at Smithsonian’s Surprising Science features a story about a plant with a unique shape that seems to be designed to work with the sonar that bats use to find food.  The plants need the bats to spread their pollen, so it’s kind of a win-win.  I also saw a piece about this at the Science Now blog at AAAS.
The Bat Signal as a Mathematical Equation. OK, I realize this blog is called “SCIENCE Cheerleader,” but math is pretty cool too.  So is this picture that Cory Doctorow posted on Boing Boing, and Boing Boing has a great science editor.
Even Batman had a Robin as his partner, so here’s some bird-science: Birds Massage Each Other. Jennifer Viegas at Discovery News also says that birds will sometimes massage other animals – even cats.  Who knew birds were so brave?
OK, this has nothing to do with bats, but Shark Week is coming up and this is freaky – a group of researchers were on a boat studying sharks in the water below them and one of the sharks JUMPED INTO THE BOAT.  Check out the Animals in the News blog at Animal Planet for more.

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