Hey, David here again with more wholesome sciencey goodness from the blogosphere.   I’m trying to put something out there for everyone this week, so here goes:
The Science of Beauty.  Have you ever wondered what makes something beautiful?  Turns out it’s a lot of things.  Abi Millar at Elements breaks down a few of them.
An Almost Perfect Murder.  Deborah Blum at PLoS Blogs’ Speakeasy Science writes chemistry lessons in the form of strange-but-true murder mysteries.  It’s so cool. I recommend her book as well.
NASA’s Guide to Solar Flares. Phil Plait at Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy Blog points you to great resources about that big eruption on the sun a couple of weeks ago.
An Interview with Dean Kamen.  Sheril Kirshenbaum has struck out on her own – she has a new blog called Culture of Science.  She scored a great Interview with Dean Kamen, an inventor who is working with will. i. am. of the Black Eyed Peas on a project called FIRST.  The interview is in three parts – check it out!  And check out FIRST!

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