David Wescott here with my weekly round up of the best of the science blogs. The science blogosphere is incredibly diverse, so I’m sharing a little bit of everything this week.
Yes there WILL be basketball.  OK, so Darlene’s beloved 76ers may not be playing for a while.  But that hasn’t stopped Rhet Allain at WIRED’s dot physics blog from explaining how to optimize a basketball shot.   If you need a hoops fix and can’t wait for the college season to start, this is as good a place as any…
The 150-million-year-old baby.  Baby dinosaur, that is.  Brian Switek at Smithsonian.com’s Dinosaur Tracking blog shares news of a newly-discovered baby dinosaur skeleton in amazing condition, possibly with feather marks.  This is fun for kids of all ages.
These birds aren’t angry, they’re mysterious. One of my favorite items in the blogosphere comes from London, where GrrlScientist regularly shares a picture of a “mystery bird for you to identify.”  She posts the picture, and 48 hours later she tells you what it is.  This link is to the collection of all the birds she’s posted at her Guardian Science blog, Punctuated Equilibrium.
Family Science Night. Mariette DiChristina is the editor-in-chief of Scientific American and shares Darlene’s love of citizen science, especially for kids.    An offshoot of SciAm’s “Bringing Science Home” program, this idea brings families together for really cool science-based activities – and it seems like this model isn’t too hard to replicate in other cities and towns.

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