Sometimes science has the ability to just floor you.  You see something, or hear something, and you can’t get your mind off of it.  I’ve spoken with many scientists who can point to one moment in their lives where something just amazed them and they knew – they just KNEW – that they were going to pursue a career in science.
It’s hard to predict what those inspirational moments will be, but it’s easy to find items on science blogs that have the ability to just floor you.  Here are a few that I’ve found – maybe they’ll serve as some inspiration for someone…
Pausing for a Moment of Awe – Jessica Wapner finds a video of the aurora borealis and shares it on her blog, Work in Progress.
When Science Goes BANG! Steffi Suhr at Science Behind the Scenes shares video of  lasers that would burn through your hand and 3-D images of viruses.  The videos tell the stories of how scientists help solve important problems that face all of us.
The coolest picture of the Sun you may ever see. Phil Plait has pictures from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory that sorta kinda shows “a solar eclipse which is actually more like a lunar eclipse except the Moon is not involved.”  Seriously, just check it out.
Too Hard for Science? This is a great idea.  Scientific American is interviewing scientists and asking them their “impossible dreams” – the questions even they don’t think they could solve.  But they’re also hoping the discussions could lead to brainstorms to push the boundaries of our thinking.  Now THAT’S cool.

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