Another week, another round of links to the bodacious, brainy bloggers…
First, since Thanksgiving is coming up, the folks at North Carolina State University want to make one thing clear – eating turkey does NOT make you sleepy.  Eating WAY TOO MUCH turkey does.
Speaking of eating, the folks at The Smithsonian are looking at one of ancient history’s biggest and most ferocious eaters and declaring Tyrannosaurus Had Extra Junk in the Trunk.  Apparently they didn’t have stairmasters 65 million years ago.
A lot of bloggers are talking about a new campaign called Rock Stars of Science that is rolling out in GQ Magazine; it brings top scientists and top musicians together for some glam photo shoots.  While I don’t think people work toward a Nobel Prize so they have the opportunity to meet Bret Michaels or Jay Sean, it does sound kinda fun.
For those of us who aren’t celebrities, I thought Hannah Waters wrote a really impressive and thoughtful post about “developing a scientific worldview.” She boils it down to two things – the ability to ask questions about the world around you, and the ability to find and evaluate answers to those questions.  Making science relevant to everyday life is really why we do this in the first place, and Hannah did a great job sharing her thoughts on it.

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