David here again.  Another week, another round of links that caught my eye in the science blogosphere.
First, this is how science talks about gossip.   Ed Yong at Discover’s Not Rocket Science shares a story of two researchers from Northeastern University (my alma mater!) and their study of how gossip really affects us.  Gossip may not only change the way we think about certain people, it may actually affect the way we see them.
Second, Scientific American has this great new series called “Bringing Science Home” that has all kinds of ideas to do home-based science projects.  Here’s one from Katherine Harmon about getting the iron out of your breakfast cereal.
I’ve been neglecting physics in the last few posts, so here’s a cool story from Rhett Alain about the time Conan O’Brien invited a physicist on his show to see how long they could spin his wedding ring.
Finally, here’s a great science-based Mother’s Day video from Carin Bondar and Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet.  Carin participated in the #scimom project that Darlene and I put together over at Science for Citizens, and it’s very clear Carin knows both topics – science and motherhood – really well.

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