David here again.  Thea from the advisory committee is on fire this week.  She’s been sending in some good ones. I’m going to spread them out, but keep em’ coming, Thea… On to the links!
Cockroach brains, coming to a pharmacy near you.  Turns out those nasty buggers have all sorts of compounds in their brains that may kill the germs antibiotics won’t.  From Thea: “I’m torn. On the one hand, ew. On the other hand, as long as they’re going to outlive us all, they may as well make themselves useful.”
Gamers make faster decisions than non-gamers.  Mom, maybe you ought to let your kid play that computer game after all.  John Timmer at Ars Technica’s Nobel Intent examines research on action games – looks like they may help with several things from decision-making skills to tracking multiple objects.
“Science blogging” Goes Global, Gains Respect.  OK, so I’m tooting my own horn a little here.  It’s a piece I wrote for Global Voices Online that describes the explosion in online science writing.  There’s just so much to read in this exciting online community, and this post gives some suggestions on where you can find some of the best writing.   Oh, and Darlene is mentioned in it, too.

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