David here again.  There’s a lot of great variety in the science blogosphere; I thought I’d just get right to it and share some samples.
Periodically Crazy.  Pulitzer Prize-winning author and science blogger Deborah Blum shares a funny story about helping her son do his science homework.
The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs.  There have been a bunch of new discoveries in this field, and if you think the two-year-old in your house who loves dinosaurs might just stick with it, Brian Switek has the book for you…
The Physics of Angry Birds.  ADMIT IT – you downloaded this iPhone app.  It’s one of the top-sellers at iTunes and everywhere else.  And Rhett Alain walks you through how it works.  Very cool.
The “problem” of science blogs.  OK, this is a bit of “inside baseball” in the science blogosphere, but there’s an important discussion happening between those old-school scientists who prefer academic journals and don’t trust bloggers, and those who see blogging as an important tool to communicate science as well.  David Kroll is both a scientist AND a blogger.  Check out his take.
see you next week…

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