Important news from the world of science this week.  Seriously, very important, historic stuff.  And I’m not just talking about advisory board member Thea’s report on the Science and Engineering Festival on the National Mall.   On to the links:
The end of rinderpest.  Maryn McKenna explains Rinderpest was a devastating disease for cattle, especially in Africa and South Asia.    I say “WAS,” because thanks to aggressive and cooperative efforts between scientists and farmers it has been completely eradicated from the earth.  It’s the first disease we’ve eliminated since small pox three decades ago.   In many places on earth, a healthy cattle herd can mean the difference between life and death for many.  So this is a very big deal.
Love at first sight – seriously.  Romantics, take heart: Science Daily reports that it only takes one-fifth of a second to fall in love.  So say researchers at Syracuse University.   What I want to know is who held the stopwatch…
Like Guitar Hero?  Thank the brainiacs at MIT. John Timmer tells us the story of how the ridiculously popular video game was born in a computer lab – and how it was almost called “clarinet hero.”
Science Fair at the White House.  Yes, THAT White House.  With the President and everything.  Our first White House Science Fair.   And I like what the President said – winning a national sports championship shouldn’t be the only way you get to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  As Darlene would say, GO SCIENCE!!!

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