David Wescott here again. Well, the good news is I have a job that keeps me busy.  The bad news?  I don’t get to share as much wholesome sciencey goodness with everyone here as much as I’d like to.  But I’m back with some great examples of what science bloggers are seeing, doing, and thinking that everyone can enjoy…
The best evil volcano lair EVER.  Erik Klemetti at Wired Science Blogs’ Eruptions gives us all some hints on Dr. Evil’s next new digs. He links to a post written by some scientists in London giving their top 5 evil volcano lairs, and he tries to top them.  Who said geology wasn’t AWESOME?
The flight of the Monarchs. The yin to Klemetti’s yang, Amy Maxman at Scientific American’s Guest Blog spotted some gorgeous monarch butterflies in New York and explain how these delicate-looking insects are actually going on a 2500-mile trek from Canada to Mexico right now.
Donors Choose for SCIENCE!  One of the cool things a lot of science bloggers do is advocate for their favorite causes (and favorite classrooms) through a program called Donors Choose.  I linked to Scicurious’ call to arms over at Scientopia, but there are dozens of these posts out there now.  Donors Choose has quickly become something of a tradition in the science blogosphere and you can help too.
Blog Action Day from the Annals of Botany.  Science bloggers are also big participants in Blog Action Day, a movement started by Change.org that has engaged thousands of bloggers of all stripes.  This year’s topic – “food.”  It’s set for October 16.  The Annals of Botany blog is participating and so am I – if you have a blog, you can too!

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