Hey, David here again.  I thought I’d share a couple of links that are relevant this time of year – they touch on the baseball playoffs and Halloween.  The other links aren’t really time-sensitive but I think they’re amazing anyway.
Baseball’s dirty little secret.  Most avid baseball fans will tell you this has been one of the most exciting and well-played World Series in several years.  What most fans don’t know, however, is the story that Sarah Simpson at Discovery tells – nearly every baseball is rubbed in mud before it’s used.  And it’s not just any mud.  Go ahead and read it.
Young kids eat glass.  Seriously.  Michelle Clement at Scientific American’s Crude Matter blog explains how hard candy is actually a type of glass.   And you thought Halloween wasn’t really scary.
Don’t like crowds?  grab your iPod. Christian Barrett of the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog explains how putting on earphones may actually change your perception of personal space.  It may make your experience on a packed subway car more tolerable.
What is it like to be the first person to step into a newly discovered cavern? I loved this question, posed by Gary Hayes at Geotripper.  He describes a cave in California called the Jungle Room, and he shares some amazing pictures. To me he really captured the wonder and excitement that scientists dream about.  Their jobs put them in a position where on any given day they may discover something no one has ever seen before.  Pretty cool, huh?

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