It’s that time of year again – sunshine, baseball, picnics, and of course, bigger-than-life movies.   Science bloggers are in on the fun too.  Here’s a movie-themed list of recent posts from some of our favorite blogs…
An Open Letter to Steven Spielberg.  One of the world’s coolest dinosaur researchers gives some creative advice to one of the world’s coolest dinosaur movie-makers about a potential Jurassic Park IV.  From Brian Switek at’s Dinosaur Tracking blog.
A REAL Planet of the Apes. Kate Wong at Scientific American’s Observations blog describes a time when as many as 100 different kinds of apes lived on earth.
This Juno isn’t pregnant. Last week NASA launched an amazing new solar-powered spacecraft named Juno that will explore Jupiter and send back color pictures.  It’s also amazingly fast – it passed the moon in less than a day. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden shares the details at his Administrator’s blog.
Predicting the Perfect Storm? Willie Drye at the National Geographic Daily News Blog points us to weather forecasters at Colorado State University in Fort Collins who say it’s better than 50-50 that the eastern US will see a major hurricane before November.  But rather than just scare people he gives you links to get more information.

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