Science Cheerleader Dr. Wendy was just featured in the first episode of Making Lemonade!

Making Lemonade is a brand new series from Million Stories and the NFL Alumni Association featuring conversations with young entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles, embraced change, and turned lemons into lemonade.

Wendy was well into college when she reconciled her love of science and her love of cheerleading. Her career change from professional cheerleading to joining the ranks of inspiring women in STEM shows that choosing seemingly disparate career paths should be an empowering choice, and not a roadblock, to pursue your goals. Today, Wendy is the co-founder of a biotech start-up company, Cartilage, Inc, where she and her team are engineering a cartilage implant capable of healing both large and small cartilage injuries (such as hip, knee, and nose) without the limitations of current treatments.

This first episode of Making Lemonade is part of a partnership between the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship and the NFL Alumni Association, the most recognizable national organization of retired professional athletes. Together our two organizations will create and share original and curated content to amplify the importance of breaking the taboo of talking about money and encourage young people to think with an entrepreneurial mindset which leads to better financial futures. Read the full press release about the partnership here.

Watch her inspiring 7-minute episode about overcoming stereotypes and the power of believing in yourself!


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