Remember Construction Management Consultant and Former 49ers cheerleader Tristin?

She was just featured on the CuriosiFy podcast! This “Queen of Construction” spoke about her her background, those that supported her, and being one of very few women in her field.


“Something magical happens when an individual knows and believes in themself enough to chase their dream, especially when doing so involves going against the grain. Tristin has led an incredibly fulfilling and successful career in the highly male-dominated construction industry. She has proven that by relentlessly pursuing a passion, odds can (and will) be overcome. Tristin also reminds us that it also doesn’t hurt to surround ourselves with wonderfully supportive people, choose to focus on the positive, and hold tight to our sense of self-worth. She also shares ways that young women interested in STEM can seek out guidance and direction.”
In particular, we loved what Tristin had to say about self-esteem and what she calls “planned serendipity.”

Tristin believes that self-esteem comes from the worth you assign to yourself, rather than the approval you get from others. She wants to help young women realize this because she wished she would have learned it earlier.

She also believe that you should always prepare the best you can so that when opportunities present themselves, you can take full advantage of them. Also, give yourself permission to fail, because it will help you learn and do better.

At the end of the day, Tristin wants to look back and remember everything she accomplished and tried, even the failures. To her, the biggest regret would be to not take advantage of an opportunity out of fear of failure, rather than failure itself. Great advice!

The CuriosiFy Podcast is hosted by Sara Waters, a Licensed Professional Counselor and former cheerleader for the Denver Nuggets and Denver Broncos. As a psychotherapeutic healer, Sara Waters is a professional inquisitor and believes every human’s story is profound. Episodes will challenge perceptions, expand perspectives, and remind us that curiosity is the conduit for human connection. The CuriosiFy Podcast gives a glimpse into intimate journeys of entrepreneurs, artists, single parents, healers, kids, musicians, trauma survivors, teachers, activists, and more.

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