Science Cheerleader at the USA Science and Engineering FestivalDr. John here…
In addition to miming historical figures, watching movies, long walks on the beach, and two-handed windmill dunking over an opponent during a pick-up basketball game, one of my favorite things to do is create lists that highlight notable items from the past.
Thus, I’ve posted below my favorite Science Cheerleader videos in no particular order other than from top to bottom. Make sure to check out the Science Cheerleader YouTube page for all of our videos.
Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

Science Cheerleaders Perform at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

If you were trapped under a piece of timber during recent months or don’t like science, cheerleaders, nice people, civic activities, fun stuff, watching things, or the Internets, you may not have heard about the Science Cheerleader performance at this year’s USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. Their debut was featured on CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, Science, Discover, the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Newsweek and more. It launched emerging partnerships with some major institutions (more on that later).
Produced by filmmaker Dr. Randy Olson, our most popular video of the year features several Science Cheerleaders — current and former professional NBA and NFL cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers — and their interactions with thousands of people who attended the festival. As of this sentence, the video has been viewed over 125,000 times, which is about 124, 900 more times than any video I’ve ever posted on YouTube.

Science Cheerleader vs. Status Quo (with Penn and Teller)

Penn and Teller helped Darlene kick off Science Cheerleader with this fun video. Watch as the Science Cheerleader takes on the status quo and, in the process, nails three goals: 1) help increase adult science literacy [Check!]; 2) raise the ranks of citizen scientists [Check!]; and open doors to public participation in science policy [Check!]. Goooooo this video!


Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders-Turned-Scientists

Darlene heads to the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders practice to chat with four cheerleaders who are pursuing careers in science and math.


Science Cheerleader: The Debate

Before the Presidential Debates in 2008,  Darlene and a group known as Science Debate worked with leading organizations to craft 14 questions for the candidates to answer. To help spread the word and motivate the candidates to break from traditional rhetoric, Science Cheerleader put together this whacky video of a Presidential debate like you’ve never seen before. Stay tuned for new news from the Science Debate team!

Science Cheerleader 2010 Holiday Greeting

Our user-generated holiday greeting is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The video stars a variety of professional cheerleaders turned scientists and engineers, the Science Cheerleader team, a Nobel Prize winner, a bunch of happy school kids, and more! Most importantly, it reaffirms just how much on-screen attention I command when wearing a Santa costume.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Love Science

While attending the South by Southwest conference this year, I happened to run into Tia and Jordan, two science-loving Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. This video was the only logical next step.
Items worth noting: 1) Those are indeed my lab goggles, and, yes, I did bring them to the conference; 2) That is not my cowboy hat, but, yes, I too am impressed by how natural and comfortable I look wearing it; 3) I guarantee you that the Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl in 2011; and 4) I am also guaranteeing that guarantee.

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