Thanks, Jacquie, for this interesting news.
 Jacquie: “This football season brings us perhaps the utimate citizen science sacrifice: The NY Times reports 12 NFL players have donated thier brains (post-humously of course) to enable scientists to explore the long term effects of repetitive head injuries. (hint: not good) See full story. Not an original idea: in 1876 la Société d’autopsie mutuelle (The Mutual Autopsy Society of Paris) allowed members to donate thier bodies for study (by other society members) to advance science.”
And, from Wired,  here’s another example of passive participation in science–though incredibly whimpy when compared to donating brains to science! GPS-Equipped iPhone Could Enable New Citizen Science
More on this later but you heard it here, folks: near-future personal technologies will turn everyone into citizen scientists whether you want to or not. YES! My plan to take over the world is working [evil laugh].Here are my evil assistants strategizing the global take-over.Evil Assistants

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