What Everyone Needs to Know to Be Scientifically Literate
This evening at the SXSW festival in Austin,  I unveiled this Brain Makeover teaser video.

Physics Professor and author of “Science Matters,” James Trefil of George Mason University and the Philadelphia 76ers wants you to give it up for the key concepts in science that will help you be  “science literate,” pain-free! (Pssst: Only 7% of the adult American population are science literate*, and that includes all the scientists and engineers. *Why Science?, Teachers College Press, 11/1/97.)
To start your Brain Makeover,  you can click on any one of 18 soon-to-be-posted videos of the cheerleaders sharing the concept along with Professor Trefil’s explanation.
Coming soon: We’ll be posting a quiz created by Professor Trefil to test your knowledge of these 18 ideas. Score a passing grade (and someday, I’m going to), and you will win an “I’m a Science Literate!” certificate and a Science Cheerleader T-shirt!  You will also have, in Trefil’s words, the satisfaction of understanding “enough about the physical universe to deal with issues that come across our horizon, in the news or elsewhere.”
Stay tuned…you’ll be a science literate in no time!

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