From John-the-Tourist:
At the risk of revealing how ancient I really am, I just missed the “Sesame Street” era when I was younger.  By the time the lovable Muppets were a staple on public TV, I was “too old” to watch such juvenile fare (although I have to admit that I secretly watched an occasional show because they were just too darn fun not to watch).
Now that I’m a lot older and don’t have to worry about “looking cool” any more, I can relish two excellent videos, starring puppets, that explain “science stuff” in an extremely fun and entertaining way.  The videos were produced by The Sounds of Science, “…a small group of graduate students and recent alumni of UC Berkeley that share a common love of science and music.”
Their first video, “The Nano Song” won an award from the American Chemical Society for clearly explaining what the heck nanotechnology is…

The second video, “The Safety Song”, shows why safety in the lab is very important (especially if you shed purple hair)…

The songs are informative, the puppets are funny, and Ms. Glory Liu is an impressive singer.  Now that I’m no longer in the 5th grade, I don’t give a hoot if anybody sees me watching a puppet video.

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