The Old Spice Man’s got nothin’ compared to an engineer.
Dr. John here… Look at your man. Now, back to the screen. Now, back at your man. Now, back to the screen. Sadly, your man probably isn’t an engineer, but if he watches this video produced by our very own Occam’s Razor–as part of SciCheer’s effort to shake up science and engineering stereotypes–he could learn about several themes that are important in an engineer’s life, including romantic getaways to Paris, impressing women, building stuff, and impressing women.
Check out the video, and please share¬†wildly. I can’t promise that watching the video will make your man understand Fourier transforms and signal processing, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I’m on a blog.
Special thanks to Occam’s Razor (writer, director, producer, key grip), Anthony James (actor), Taylor Kahl and Michael McCutchen (stage crew).

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