Science literacy is crucial to understanding the inner workings of things in our day-to day lives—weather patterns, Smart Phones, genetically modified foods—but many adults lack the tools to understand and discuss how science affects them (full disclosure: that includes the author of this article).
But there’s hope for us all. Her name is Darlene Cavalier…

Seriously, I didn’t write that.
I was recently featured by Take Part. TakePart is a digital media company and, according to its website, it has a singular mission: “To make participating in positive change easy, rewarding, and part of everyday life. a division of Participant Media, which has produced culture-shifting films such as An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, and Waiting for Superman and has developed programs and active, working relationships with more than 300 non-profits.”
SciCheer and its sister site, Science For Citizens, align nicely with the goals of Take Part and I’m thrilled to rub elbows with them.
Check out the full piece, titled: Science Is Sexy? This Band of Cheerleaders Can’t Be Wrong, which makes a clear connection between NFL/NBA cheerleaders and citizen science.
Don’t take my word for it, read on!
(Here’s a cool photo featured on the Take Part website now…)

Young girls at the USA Science and Engineering Festival learn about brains and beauty from Science Cheerleaders

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