A citizen science alert from Georgette.
If you’re near Durham, NC this weekend (July 19), join the Plant Stalkers training session and help track and monitor invasive species of plants near the Eno River. ¬†Invasive plants range from those that do not provide adequate shelter or food for local animals to those that actually harm native plants. Watch the Plant Stalkers in action then join in on the hunt! Look for Japanese Stiltgrass, Privet trees, English Ivy, Chinese Lespedeza and other invasive species and then mark the location with a GPS device. They’ll provide instruction in finding the plants, using GPS and submitting your data through Google Earth…and even certify you to contribute to the project on your own!
Project Snapshot:
Topics: citizen science, plants, nature
Location: involves a trip
Duration: several hours
Cost: free or low cost
Gear: GPS device (you can also borrow one of theirs), computer
Level of Difficulty: easy

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