Science Cheerleader is seeking cheerleaders to perform “Science Cheers” for a “Science of Cheerleading” app designed to communicate the fundamental scientific principles of cheerleading! This app will be made available for free thanks to the support of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.
Here’s an example of one of the cheers!

Do you happen to be a cheerleader who also likes science, technology, engineering or math (STEM)? We are also inviting individual cheerleaders to submit videos to tell us more about your interest in STEM. Specifically, tell us:
• Your first name, teams you cheered for and state you are from
• Why you like cheerleading
• Who or what got you interested in science, math?
• Tell us what you might want to be when you’re older, and why
• Tell us what makes you a great Science Cheerleader
You may select one or more cheers to perform and/or send us your very own cheer for science.
Most of the cheers were designed to be performed by teams, however individual cheerleaders are also invite to participate.
Video should be at least 720pixels at 30 frames per second if possible. If this is not possible, it’s ok to submit what you have.
Try to use an external microphone for good audio and speak loudly and clearly!
We prefer a static/still wide-shot with no pans or zooms.
No graphics, logos etc.
Here’s an example (note this does not include the recorded introduction and the “GOOO SCIENCE” cheer at the end. However, all videos must include these items):
How To Submit Your Video:
Post your video to YouTube and email the link to your video to Darlene @ by March 31, 2013.
Not all videos will be prominently featured in the App. However, we are creating a YouTube channel to feature ALL approved videos and this YouTube channel will be prominently featured on the App!
Cheer #1.
Cheer choreography: group toss, jumper does any kind of airborne stunt (but avoid somersault, as that’s in the next one)
One person says:
“We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer is about Newton’s 2nd law (F=ma)!”
Pause for 2 seconds.
Full team cheers:
If you want to jump high,
You must acc-el-er-ate,
“So,” said Isaac Newton,
“Change the forces or the weight!”
“GOOOO Science!” (super enthusiastic)
Cheer #2.
Cheer choreography: group toss, to include a somersault (fwd or backward)
One cheerleader: “We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer explores the conservation of angular momentum.”
Full team:
Add some speed to your spin
Just bend your knees
and tuck ‘em in,
Straighten out,
slow down again
And score yourself
a perfect 10! GOOOOO SCIENCE! (super enthusiastic)
Cheer #3.

Cheer choreography: any kind of static pyramid stunt
One cheerleader:
“We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer shows what happens when forces are properly balanced.”
Full cheer team:
Build it from the bottom,
Build it good and strong,
Make sure your forces balance
It’ll stand up all year long!
GOOO Science! (super enthusiastic)
Cheer #4.
Cheer choreography: any kind of group toss, with clear focus on catch
One cheerleader:
“We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer demonstrates compression, impact and shock absorption.”
Full cheer team:
Shock is caused by impact, tension and compression,
Spread it to absorb it,
Now give us a harder question!
GOOO Science! (super enthusiastic)
Cheer #5.
Cheer choreography: static cheer jumps from the ground (multiple cheerleaders, side-by-side)
One cheerleader:
“We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer is all about muscle development and biomechanics.”
Full cheer team:
Bigger, better, faster, stronger,
Got to make those hamstrings longer,
Bigger, better, faster, higher,
Set those muscle groups on fire!
GOOOO Science! (super enthusiastic)
Cheer #6
Cheer choreography: group toss, jumper does any kind of airborne stunt (but keep it simple, as somersaults could complicate things)
One cheerleader:
“We are (team) from (hometown):”
”This cheer explores physics in low gravity environments!’
Full cheer team:
If you jump on Mars or Venus,
How high can you go?
2 feet, 4 feet, 8 feet, more?
10 feet, 20 feet, let’s explore!
GOOOOO Science! (super enthusiastic)

International Space Station Cheer:

Boom Boom [stomp, stomp]
Launch it – rocket into space [toe touch]
Taking satellites to orbit
Leaving nothing but a trace [formation change, huddle in a circle]
Orbiting the Earth [one girl leaves the huddle and starts to “orbit”]
Satellites circle constantly [rest follow in a formation change]
Bringing Earth the internet
weather and TV
The International Space Station is in orbit
Keeping astronauts alive
They live among the satellites
Watching them fly by. [Basket]

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