The itty bitty kids pictured here* invented EpiWatch, an alternative to traditional allergy shot systems. The small, wearable, computerized EpiWatch contains special codes and micro needles that instantly deliver painless doses of epinephrine when the wearer suffers from a food allergy reaction, and then utilizes cell phone and GPS technology to alert medical officials in the event of a serious allergic reaction.
And they’re not even from China or India…homegrown in Land-o-Lakes, Florida.  They represent but a smattering of creative thinkers who’ve recently been recognized by the National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba through the ExploraVision Competition. Other 2009 winning ideas include a tiny device to help solve the problem of illegal steroids in sports, asphalt roads that could generate electricity from the sun’s rays, and even a special music stand that could help musicians get to Carnegie Hall faster.
ExploraVision asks K-12 students to pick a current technology and imagine how it might progress in the next 20 years.
This year’s contest deadline is February 2, 2010.  You can visit, follow them on Twitter @exploravision or join the ExploraVision Facebook Fan Page to learn about how to encourage students to use and create future technologies.
*Left to right: Jim Sardano (Toshiba), Colby Tomasello, Catie Tomasello, Heather Tomasello (mentor,) Grace Nobles, Marisa Meglino, Richard Hunter (coach)
Photo Credit: Jerel Tomasello

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