And the web site rose into the top 1/4 of 1% of most visited sites on the internet.
In a post election letter to nearly 40,000 supporters of elevating science in the elections, Science Debate CEO Shawn Otto highlighted several pivotal successes and addressed the need for further action. I intended to sum them up and report on them here but it’s nearly impossible to improve upon Shawn’s letter.
The only bit of new news I can add, not included in Shawn’s letter,  is this: Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa are taking the Science Debate international.
Want to help, literally, change the world? Then join us!
“Us” = The six founders of Science Debate 2008: Matthew Chapman, Austin Dacey, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Lawrence Krauss, Chris Mooney, and Shawn Lawrence Otto.  They were later joined by team members Darlene Cavalier and Erik Beeler.  Science Debate 2008’s database and email communication infrastructure is made possible with pro-bono support from The DataBank, which we gratefully acknowledge.

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