Last we heard from Kristie a chemist at Eli Lilly and former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, we learned she does analytical development of new drugs coming down the pipeline. She also provided some terrific advice for young women:

Be as well rounded as possible. Do well in school because it is an investment in your future. In order to earn respect from others, especially if you fit the ‘cheerleader profile’ in regards to looks, you must demonstrate intelligence and an ambition to want to succeed in other areas of your life.

Today, she’s back to help introduce our next Science of NFL Football segment, part of a series presented by NBC, the NFL, and the National Science Foundation. The Science Cheerleader’s the partnership director.
Kristie: Hey fans! As NBC’s Lestor Holt explains in this next segment, the angle of pursuit–or a path a football defender takes to intercept a running back, for example–is also a known as a Pythagorean Theorem. Learn more about this ancient geometric principle here:

If you’re an educator, be sure to visit NBC Learn to download free supplemental educators’ guides. Goooo science! And Goooo National Science Foundation for making this possible. Find more Science of NFL Football more here

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