Regina, M.D., J.D., former Redskins Cheerleader

Hi! I’m Regina, and I’m a doctor, lawyer, and a former Washington Redskins cheerleader. Earlier, in my SciCheer interview, I talked about the path I chose to balance my professional and personal interests in science, law, and cheerleading. People say I have a lot of energy so I guess it’s only fitting that today, I’m here to introduce the second Science of NFL Football segment, produced in partnership with the NFL, NBC, and the National Science Foundation. (Yup, it’s about energy!)
In this segment, “Nutrition, Hydration, and Health”, former NFL player Orland Pace, demonstrates why our bodies need six types of essential nutrients and how food and water provide energy for our bodies. For NFL football players, hydration is key. Did you know that players can lose 10-12 pounds in a single practice, mostly through sweat!? Check this out!
And, if you’re an educator, be sure to visit NBC Learn to download free supplemental educators’ guides. Goooo science! And Goooo National Science Foundation for making this possible!
Science of NFL Football: #2 Nutrition, Hydration & Health

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