Science Cheerleader Hilary here!
Last weekend Science Cheerleaders Christine, Sam, Danielle and I participated in the World Science Festival, promoting citizen science and engaging in activities at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Washington Square Park!
We had a great time on Saturday night at a Stargazing event with NASA and our friends at SciStarter and Astronomy Magazine (see our favorite photo below, with Astronomy’s Editor in Chief, Dave Eicher!

On Sunday we spent the day cataloging wildlife with citizen scientists in Washington Square Park at the Ultimate Science Street Fair. Check out this photo below of Science Cheerleader Danielle, who majored in computer science at MIT while on the cheerleading team there. Danielle is with one of the  trees marked by our friends at Washington Square Park EcoProjects–this one is completely hollow! Our citizen scientists helped us catalog wildlife near this tree and five others in the park.

One of our favorite parts of the day was a Science Quiz with Discover Magazine editor Steve George and young future scientists! (Thanks to Gique for the photo below!) This photo shows our quiz champion Jaylen answering his wining question!

Be sure to check back often to find out about Science Cheerleader events near you!
(Special thanks to Team Cheer for providing our tank tops and warm ups!)

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