We love this article in the current issue of American Airlines magazine, “American Way” (the one with Carson Daly on the cover).
Highlights include:
“Still, stereotypes that suggest female scientists are the dour antithesis of personable cheerleaders do have an impact on keeping women from pursuing science careers. Jenna Carpenter, associate dean in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University, says when those stereotypes are combined with the ways that women are sometimes discouraged from pursuing STEM education and careers, it “erodes women’s confidence … all the way from preschool to the corporate boardroom.”
“..as long as little girls continue to line up for their autographs, Science Cheerleaders like Richards and Brown say they will keep cheering for science, even if they have to do a little explaining in the process. “I like coming to events like these science fairs because people will tell me, ‘You look out of place,’ ” Brown says. “I love seeing the expression on their face change when I tell them that, ‘Actually, I’m not. I’m a scientist.’ ”
Read the full article here: http://hub.aa.com/en/aw/rocket-science

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