Cheerleaders pursuing science, technology, engineering, or math careers can be found on all of the teams that have NFL cheerleading squads (no cheerleaders on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers–sorry!). The late game today is between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks. Here are their Science Cheerleaders!

Lindsey/Carolina Panthers: “My degree is in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University. I really enjoy talking about engineering with others, especially young women, because I was one of those students who had never heard of engineering until someone told me I should look into it. When trying to decide on a college major during my junior year of high school, a teacher suggested chemical engineering because her son was studying that very thing. I always enjoyed math and science, and it seemed to be a perfect fit. What I love is that chemical engineering exposes you to all kinds of careers: making medicines, developing new technology, designing new materials, and even fashion! I knew that I couldn’t get bored!
I would not change my degree! What I love about being a chemical engineer is that it is virtually impossible to get bored. An engineering degree can be used to design buildings, make life-saving devices, or design better materials for shoes. What I love about STEM is that it applies to EVERYTHING!”

Kelsey Seattle Seahawks Science Cheerleader

Kelsey – Sports Science; Seattle Seahawks

Laura Seattle Seahawks Science Cheerleader

Laura –Psychology; Seattle Seahawks

Myriah Seattle Seahawks Science Cheerleader

Myriah – Architect /Math; Seattle Seahawks


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