Cavalier on CNN

The Science Cheerleaders were featured on CNN THREE times! Reporter Josh Levs cited our work November 6th, then, “by popular demand,” according to Levs, CNN ran it twice more on November 7th. Thanks, Josh!
I’ll post the CNN clips when they are available. In the interim, for those who are interested, I’ve pasted the transcript from the November 6th report.
LEVS: JOSH LEVS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Fred. First of all we have probably the coolest and smartest group of cheerleaders around. It’s one of my favorites of the week.
WHITFIELD: Really interesting, very interesting juxtaposition.
LEVS: Right. Not the kind of cheerleaders you’re used to seeing, right? This is pretty amazing. I love seeing if this kind of thing goes viral. Take a look here. The science cheerleaders. These are former NBA and NFL cheerleaders who are now scientists, engineers, and doctors. They got together. They have all these routines.
DARLENE CAVALIER They’re engaging, but most important…
LEVS: We’re hearing two different versions at the same time.
I think someone played the video twice just now. Basically it’s USA science and engineering festival in Washington last month. They decided to play at, and they got together, they have all these cheers that they do. They talk about their careers. They talk about how far they’ve come. They talk about the things they did and how science is really cool. It’s organized by Darlene Cavalier who is a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia 76ers. She’s now a science advocate. If you skip to the second section of the video, we should hear her now.
LEVS: Well anyway, you’re hearing from others.
WHITFIELD: That’s her.
LEVS: And I talked to her yesterday, I talked to her about this. This is just a really interesting idea and it sends a really good message to girls, science is cool.
WHITFIELD: Yes, they do.
LEVS: Encourage people to come forward and do that.
WHITFIELD: I do, too. I like it. LEVS: All right, cool

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