As part of our new, national partnership with Pop Warner Little Scholars, Science Cheerleaders helped the youth cheerleaders kick off the 2012-13 Pop Warner season with science activities. We love working with this group. We even partnered up with 1200 Pop Warner Youth Cheerleaders to set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Cheerleading Cheer (of course, we decided to cheer for science!) Check this out.
We were invited by the organizers of SCOPE to bring our Big Cheer for Science activity (we lead a crowd cheer then measure seismic activity for a real research project at the USGS) to the MO State Fair. Well, we then invited local Pop Warner cheerleaders to join us. They were AMAZING! They led science cheers and even participated in some awesome science projects at the Fair.
Here’s a lovely testimonial sent to us by one of their coaches. Thank you, Blue Spring Gators/Pop Warner cheerleaders, for helping the Science Cheerleaders connect more people to science!!

“I first want to say how honored the Blue Springs Gators were to participate in this Science Cheerleader event at the MO State Fair with SCOPE. When I received the invitation from Pop Warner, I went to your website and read about your organization and knew immediately that I wanted my girls to have this opportunity! I wanted them to see that being a cheerleader was much more than pom poms and hair bows. It is absolutely possible to be anything you wish to be whether that is a cheerleader or a microbiologist or both! 
The actual experience of the day far exceeded my expectations! As you will see in the attached photos, the girls smiled for six straight hours and definitely made memories that will last a lifetime. There were many different activities available that allowed the kids to experience various scientific disciplines including engineering, chemistry, electricity, and even rocket science!
Each activity was more exciting than the last:
*Dr. H2O put on a wonderful show and afterward, thrilled the girls by inviting them to come on stage to get a closer look at his equipment and ask questions
*Susie, Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader and the rider of Warpaint, posted to her Twitter account that she met the Blue Springs Gators at the Fair! The girls felt like super stars!
*Mo the Missouri Mule and the University of Central Missouri Cheerleaders performed the Big Cheer for Science with our girls and were so gracious and sweet to them. 
This was an absolutely brilliant experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year! If you need help with any other events in our area, please feel free to call on the Gators!
Thank you, 
Krisi Goodman 
Head Coach
BS Gators Jr Pee Wee Cheer”

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