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The Bleacher Report is the 4th largest sports media site with 20 million monthly readers. This week, the Bleacher Report features the Top 40 Buzzworthy Cheerleaders of the NFL and….drumroll….the Science Cheerleaders are #32, #30 and, by way of our talented creative director, #15 on the list! And they’re all cited as positive examples. Congrats ladies!
#32 The Science Cheerleaders.

“The Science Cheerleaders are a group of more than 100 past and present NFL and NBA cheerleaders who are pursuing science-based careers. The Arizona Cardinals have six current members. Their goal is the challenge stereotypes of both cheerleaders and scientists, and the Cardinals cheerleaders have been featured in a number of publications, including local newspapers and the Discovery channel blog.”

#30 Science Cheerleader Dana; Baltimore Ravens; Bachelors degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

“Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Dana is in her second years with the Ravens is and a graduate of Virginia Tech, where she cheered on the Hokies. Like the Cardinals cheerleaders mentioned earlier on the list, Dana is a member of the Science Cheerleaders, having earned her Bachelors degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
In November 2011, she explained her day job in an interview with
“The project that I work on develops commercial-off-the-shelf based software and hardware upgrades to assimilate improved tactical control capabilities for various United States and Australian submarine classes.”
The fact that anyone can do that job is buzzworthy to me!

#15 Laura Eilers, Science Cheerleader’s Creative Director, Ms United States 2011, Going Pro Entertainment founder.

“In June 2011, former St. Louis Rams (and Kansas City Chiefs ) Cheerleader Laura Eilers was crowned Ms. United States. Eilers, who was also a choreographer for the Kansas City Chiefs, is the creator of Going Pro Entertainment, LLC, which is a networking group for cheerleading and dance professional alumni.”

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