From the AAAS website:

Have a research project that requires large data collection and analysis? Working on a tight budget and an even tighter timeline? Ever thought about outsourcing some of this work to the public? Using the power of the crowd, via the Internet and social media, citizens scientists can help get the job done on time and on budget.
This webinar brings together three experts in crowdsoucing. They will show you how it works, where to find citizens scientists, and how to insure you get the best data possible.
Join us April 5 at 12 noon ET for this hour-long webinar, brought to you by AAAS MemberCentral.
Darlene Cavalier
Founder of SciStarter and Science Cheerleader
William Ludington
Bowes Fellow at UC Berkeley
Cofounder of uBiome
Iyad Rahwan
Associate Professor & Head Computing & Information Science, Masdar Institute
Coauthor of Balloon Challenge and Tag Challenge

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