This is a guest post from Science Cheerleader Taylor Hooks:

Pop Warner citizen science Project MERCCURI


Recently, I had the privilege of working with the Coronado Pop Warner Islanders in beautiful San Diego, California. We were able to take swabs of cell phones, shoes, Coronado High School’s Niedermeyer football stadium seats, and one of the football field’s end zones that will be submitted into the Project MERCCURI! It was such a positive experience being able to speak with the young cheerleaders about this research project to compare microbes on Earth and in space, my science and cheer careers, and, of course, cheerleading!

In April, Taylor participated in a Project MERCCURI activity in partnership with Yuri’s Night, in L.A. where she helped astronaut Buzz Aldrin swab microbes from his shoes!
Project MERCCURI science cheerleader taylor citizen science Yuri's Night

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